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Kevin Peponnet joins the France team for the SSL Gold Cup!

Kevin Peponnet joins the France team for the SSL Gold Cup!

Team France has been enriched since the end of September with an 8th person to strengthen the team already made up of Edouard Masse in number 1, @thibault julien in piano, Xavier Rohart in GV adjuster, Emeric Michel in FOC adjuster , Jean-Baptiste Bernaz for tactics, Aloïse Retornaz for performer and of course captain Loick PEYRON.

So it’s Kevin’s turn to join the selection, chosen by the SSL ranking list. Indeed, Kevin has an incredible track record with a title of European champion in 2021 and world champion in 2018 in 470 but he also shone on the Tour de France in sailing, winning it twice in 2016 and 2018.
This proves its ability to adapt to different supports.

Kevin has already trained on the SSL 47 during the first training sessions of the France team on Grandson, he already knows how the support works.
He will make his comeback on the gold cup competition in 2022. In the meantime he has just won the title of senior French champion the week behind with Aloïse who is also part of the team.

Little word from Kevin:
“The idea of ​​creating this event bringing together all the best sailors from the different worlds of sailing (Olympics, Inshore, offshore racing, etc.) on a level playing field (ie on an identical boat for all the teams) is a first in our sport!
It is a real wealth to have so many supports available to express oneself in our sport, so many titles of world champion delivered by category, but the general public can sometimes feel lost and it is the media coverage of our sport that suffers.

Organizing this event like a football world cup means putting in the spotlight values ​​of national team cohesion, pride and love of the jersey that we are not used to to live because of our relatively individual discipline for small boats, or very quickly international for larger boats.

This event will also determine who will be the best Velistic Nation, and that’s pretty exciting! “